The Evolving Modern Workplace

With technologies developing at such a rapid pace, massive workplace disruptions are inevitable. The older model no longer works. Employers are expecting more and more out of recent graduates.


Expectations of employability are rapidly changing. With over 40% of degrees to be rendered useless within the next decade, the gap between the classroom and the workplace is widening!

Automation and Globalisation

By 2030, automation and globalisation will revolutionise the way we work. Today, the industry desperately needs a more collaborative, soft- skill proficient and technologically literate workforce to cope with this inevitable reality.

Education Model

The current education model cannot keep up with this rapid pace of change. Students are left unprepared for the future and are failing to create an impact on the STEM industry.

Our Mission

We at Real Skills Education aims to bridge the gap between classrooms and the workplace.

We embody the spirit of contemporary engineers, and we are passionate about inspiring and developing the next generation of STEM leaders, equipping them with tomorrow’s skills and knowledge.

We achieve this through our 3 step solution.

  • Expose

    Students are exposed to unique mindsets, experiences and opportunities to make them rounded individuals and diversify their skillset.

  • Upskill

    Practical & Simulation-based learning techniques are used to organically cultivate students with the essential skills necessary to navigate through the 21st century.

  • Connect

    Industry obtains access to a cohort of well rounded students, where their fresh perspectives enable them to make a mark on the world.


With the modern workplace evolving at such a rapid rate, it's hard to figure out what are the skills required to succeed in the workplace.

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